on tap & seasonal offeringS



lucid dragon 7.4% abv  (on tap)

Lucid Dragon is an American IPA brewed to pay homage to the west coast breweries. Lucid Dragon is lemon and orange upfront with spice piney and dank hops right behind with a clean malt backing.



Atomic Renegade was inspired by the big bold ales of Britain. We wanted to bring our customers a fresh drinkable strong ale. Atomic Renegade has aromas and flavors of big bold complex rich maltiness, dried dark fruit with background notes of caramel and nuttiness.  We used 100 percent British malts for this well balanced drinkable ale.


Black Meadow Bog 7.2% abv (on tap)

Black Meadow Bog is a dynamically complex stout with lots of flavors that are super bright. Strong roasty malt aroma and flavors are up front. Bright chocolate and coffee notes lends a smooth yet bitter beer.


little MACHETE 4% abv  (ON TAP)

little MACHETE is a full flavored session lager with a malty backbone and spicy floral hop profile. An easy drinking session lager at only 4% but with a nice bite to slash your taste buds.




FARMHOUSE ALE 8.2% abv  (seasonal)

Gold MEDAL Winner of the 2017 Best of Craft Beer Awards

Glenmere's Farmhouse Ale is brewed in the traditional style showcasing the complex flavors of orangey, lemony, fruity, with hints of strawberries aromas and flavors of the yeast supported by slightly peppery, spiciness with a tart dry finish and a supportive grainy malt finish. This is a refreshing dry easy drinking beer.


helles lager 7.2% ABV  (seasonal)

Glenmere’s Helles Lager is brewed in a traditional style with large amounts of highly kilned malts. Though the smaller of the bock family this beer pours a dark gold with a lasting white head. Flavor and aroma is of rich maltiness,  grainy,  toasted, and slight fruity notes from the large amount of kilned malts. Beer ends with a slightly malty dry, classic lager finish


THE S.A.G.A. 5.7% ABV  (seasonal)

The S.A.G.A is an American ale that pours a deep copper color with an off white head. Nose is up front cascade followed by soft caramel malt. Flavor is hops with a supportive light caramel malt finish.


pennings brown ale 6.7% abv  (seasonal)

Gold MEDAL Winner of the 2017 Best of Craft Beer Awards

Pennings Brown was built from the hops up. We created an American Brown Ale with malty-rich flavors, chocolate and caramel malt undertones all to support the locally grown hop flavors of citrus, earthy and tea like flavors. We used 23 pounds of hops grown locally by Pennings Farm on their one acre hop yard located in Warwick NY. Pennings Brown Ale is a great example of our partnership with a local farm to produce a great tasting complex ale.


wicked witch 8.1% abv  (seasonal)

Wicked Witch is a full-bodied stout that's boldly paired with deciduous black raspberries. Pouring is jet black with red highlights around the edges and a tan head with swirls of red and white. Leading off of a velvety mouthfeel, every sip reveals layers of flavor, from sweet roasted malts and berries to undertones of dark chocolate and coffee. Wicked Witch is best enjoyed by the glass so the beer can be enjoyed over time, allowing for the exploration of the changing flavors and aromas as it warms.